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Online Payment For Everyone

Accepting payment manually thru online transfer; asking for payment proofs from you buyer, validating the receiving of the money by manually checking online banking statement - this is far from ideal.

Opotus helps you automate the process. Receive email notifications for any payment received - no more requesting payment proofs and checking bank statement.

Registration is free and fast. Just login using your Facebook account and ready your phone for mobile number verification.


A Few Options To Choose From

We strive to provide the best usability possible. That means adapting to multiple use cases to best support your business model.

We are actively developing our solutions. Currently we support receiving payment thru Malaysian banks Maybank2U and CIMBClicks. More options will be available later.

Use case for using Opotus Checkout Form

The usual practice for selling products thru social media is requesting the proof of payment once the buyer made the transfer. You will then needs to validate receiving the money by manually checking the online bank statement.

With Opotus Checkout Form, your process can be simplified as follows:

1. Generate Transaction Record

A URL will be generated that you can provide to your buyer.

2. Buyer Paid Thru Checkout Form

By visiting the URL, the buyer will see the checkout form and make the payment.

3. Receive Payment Notifications

A notification of successful transaction will be sent to your email.

That's it. No more manual process required.

We helps you save time so that you can focus on the sale.

Our story

Opotus consisted of multidisciplinary teams ranging from online sales and marketing consultant to software development and data analytics.

We keep our developments and business as agile as possible to provide to most relevant and up to date technologies. First principle design thinking is our core belief - meaning, everything should be very easy to use.

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Any comments or feature requests are massively welcomed.